Version: 2.6  
Release Date:July 9, 2003  

Download Version 2.6 (Primary)
Download Version 2.6 (Alternate)

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System Requirements :
Minimum requirements:
·486/66 or compatible  
·16MB RAM  
·5MB free disk space  
·Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000,XP or later  
·Dial-up internet connection  
·Pentium 200 or faster  
·32 MB RAM  
·10 MB free disk space  

Install Instructions :
Click on one of the file links above to download the installation file. Once downloaded, run the file to extract the setup files and automatically launch the setup. Follow the instructions as you step through the automated installation process. Once the software is installed, click your Windows 'Start' button, select Programs and then select the WebHunt folder shortcut to launch the WebHunt Once WebHunt is installed, you can delete the file that you downloaded if you wish to save space on your hard drive.